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Why Renting Bikes on Family Vacations Is the New Big Thing

Family vacation trends are pointing to one thing: bonding on bikes. Why? Because the new travel trend is multi-generational family vacations, where every family member can participate, exercise, and have a blast riding bikes in a beautiful setting.

Welcome to Pedals Bike Rental, your expert source for bike trends and rental services. We’ve helped countless families make incredible memories on Hilton Head and can help you do the same! Working in the bike rental industry, we can confidently say that renting bikes for your family trip is indeed the new big thing. Don't just take our word for it; read on to find out why!

Family Biking on Vacation: Why It's Trending

The growing trend of families opting for bike vacations is no surprise to us. We’ve seen it coming for a while. Why is it gaining in popularity? It’s simple. Families are looking to reconnect and have fun together. Dropping the phone in the room and taking off on a cycling adventure fits the bill perfectly.

The rise of family-friendly bike routes and a variety of exciting biking vacation packages is helping to fuel this trend. There are options for DIY family bike routes, guided family biking tours, and even family tandem bike tours. These inclusive, themed packages offer countless opportunities to create cherished memories.

Why Families Should Rent Bikes on Vacation

Renting bikes is a great way to explore any new destination, whether it's down cobblestone urban paths or off-grid nature trails. Biking is a unique opportunity to go adventuring together, enjoying precious family bonding time. Renting bikes at your destination is also a lot less trouble and cost. You’re assured of updated models with no safety problems.

Benefits of Family Cycling

Bike rentals for families ensure everyone gets fun, exercise, and a more eco-friendly vacation experience. Beginner bike trails for kids can help boost their confidence, and multi-generational biking tours cater to all skill levels. For the teens, there are challenging mountain bike trails. Nothing quite compares to exploring scenic locations with your loved ones at your own pace.

Less Expensive, More Fun

Biking vacations typically cost less than traditional trips where car rentals and public transport are involved. Pedaling to family picnic spots along bike trails or sharing joyful moments of discovery on bikes makes your vacation truly memorable.


Family vacation biking is trending upward, and it’s easy to see why. With benefits like lower transportation costs, healthy workouts, and exploring together on scenic adventures, it’s the perfect way to create lasting family memories.

Pedals Bike Rentals - Your Destination for Family Biking Adventures

On your next family vacation, what could be better than coasting down scenic roads on a bike? Pedals Bike Rental has you covered! Our hassle-free bike rental services cater to families with children seeking a unique, exhilarating experience. Don’t worry about packing your bikes or finding the perfect route - our trip guides can handle all the details.

We have an incredible selection of bikes available for all ages. Our mission is to make the joys of biking around Hilton Head available to everyone from Grandbaby to Grandparent! Kids and parents alike will find their perfect ride with us.

Contact Us

Join the growing trend of renting bikes on your next family vacation. Contact our team today to book your family bike rentals and prepare for a fun, memorable ride together!

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