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Beyond the Beach: Discover Hilton Head by Bike for an Unforgettable Trip

Bikes offer tourists access to the byways and hidden pathways around Hilton Head Island that you’d miss in a car. Bike rentals enhance your sightseeing experience in a way no other method of transport can.  

Hilton Head is recognized as one of the top 39 bicycle-friendly communities in the United States. As experts in local excursions on two wheels, Pedals Bike Rentals prides itself on being part of the eco-friendly biking culture so prevalent here. We have years of experience helping adventure lovers and families see the island in a whole new way. 

Hilton Head Island - A Bicycle-Friendly Community 

As you pedal along some of Hilton Head’s most magnificent vistas, you’ll be refreshed by coastal breezes brushing across your face. Widely touted as a top biking community, Hilton Head Island sets the gold standard for sightseeing by bike. With more than 60 miles of natural beauty accessible via bike paths, every new turn is a wonder of discovery, from sun-dappled shorelines to peaceful forests.  

Hilton Head Bike Rentals and Pathways 

As your trusted guide in this paradise, Pedals Bike Rentals offers many options, from mountain bike rentals for off-road sightseeing adventures to electric bike rentals for extended sightseeing tours.  

We’ll show you the best routes for sightseeing on Hilton Head that only locals know about. With our guidance, you’ll quickly take off on a historical tour of Hilton Head or opt for a pet-friendly bike rental for sightseeing with your dog. Whatever type of adventure you want, we’ll make it happen! 

What You Need to Know About Biking on Hilton Head 

Ditching the car and taking a themed bike tour is popular in Hilton Head. Choose a foodie bike tour to sample local cuisine or an artsy adventure to explore the galleries of resident artists.  

Another beloved adventure is biking on the beach. Start there and continue on a natural escapade through the woods. Hilton Head Island is entirely connected by bike paths, so there’s something to enthrall every rider. From soaking up the scenery to enjoying health perks to discovering the island in an eco-friendly way, the benefits of bike rentals for sightseeing are clear. 

Bike Path Safety Tips 

Nothing is more important to us than your safety. Take our advice and explore this breathtaking terrain with a helmet on. Keep to the marked pathways, watch out for pedestrians, and let the island’s impressive panorama melt your cares away. 



Sightseeing Hilton Head by bike is an ecological way to take in the sights and experience the joy of discovery in an unconventional way. Explore the island from the seashore to the densest forest on a bike for a one-of-a-kind adventure you’ll never forget. 

Ready for the Best Sightseeing on Hilton Head? Contact Pedals Bike Rentals 

Exploring Hilton Head Island on two wheels with Pedals Bike Rentals adds a thrill of adventure to your trip affordably. Our fleet is your gateway to an unparalleled island experience! We’ll share everything you need to know about biking around this coastal paradise for a hassle-free, memorable tour. 

Contact Us 

Bike rentals from the experts at Pedals are the key to leisurely discovery. Contact our friendly team today for more information or to reserve a bike on your next visit. 


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