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At Pedals Bicycles, we are proud to be Hilton Head‘s premier bicycle rental shop. Because we provide the finest bikes available, all of our bikes are well maintained and under two years old.

  • Beach cruisers for adults and children in many different sizes
  • Child seats and kiddie karts
  • Jogging strollers
  • Mountain and hybrid bikes
  • Adult tricycles
  • And more...

In Hilton Head, the preferred bicycle is a single-speed aluminum beach cruiser with wide handlebars, pedal brakes, big comfy seats, and balloon tires; these are great for cruising along the beaches. Pedals Bicycles offers a variety of sizes of the beach cruiser, ranging from 25" frame men’s bikes to 12" wheel kids bikes. For children, we have an array of options from small bikes to ally cats, kiddie karts, and free child seats on the back of the adult bike. We also have real tandem bikes and adult tricycles available for rent. To get you where you need to go in a hurry, Pedals Bicycles offers mountain bikes and hybrid bikes. Additionally, we have BMX bikes for the trick rider, complete with freewheel and hand brakes.

With each rental, we offer free delivery and pick-up, in addition to baskets and locks with each bike rental. Rentals are available by the day, week, or longer. For your safety, helmets are also available for rental.

Browse the pictures below for additional details on the sizes and styles of our bike rentals. For more information, or if you would like to reserve a bike, please contact us today! The best hours to reach us are Monday thru Friday, 10-5.

Our ladies' bike is what some rental companies call a unisex bike. It's a 17-inch frame on a 26-inch wheel, all aluminum like all of our beach cruisers. If you are between 5'2" and 5'10", this is the bike for you. The ladies bikes automatically come with baskets, and are available with baby seats as well as the kart and ally cat attachments.  

 Bike  The real man's frame bicycle features the straight bar and a full 21-inch frame on the 26-inch wheel. This is a good-sized bike, and we recommend it for people 5'8" to 6'2". The mans' bicycle is available with a basket or without, and can have a baby seat on it, as well as the kart and ally cat attachments. 

 Bike   For ladies under 5'2", we have our 15-inch frame Earth Cruiser. This bike has a regular 26-inch wheel, but a petite 15-inch frame that suits shorter-legged ladies. It also features a low step-over so it's easier to get off and on. This bike comes with a basket, and can have a kart attached to it, but it will not fit an ally cat. 

18mensbike For guys under 5'8" or so, we've got an 18-inch frame man's bike.  Still on a 26-inch wheel, this cruiser has a frame just a tiny bit bigger than the ladies bike, and can seat people 5'2" to 5'9" comfortably. This bike is available with a basket if you'd like, and can have a kart attached to it as well. 

23mens bike On the other end of the spectrum, there are the tall man's bikes. The 23-inch frame is one step above our regular man's bike, suitable for people 6'2" to 6'4". As with all the adult bikes, this one has 26-inch wheels. You can have a basket if you want one, as well as a child seat, kart, or ally cat. 

25mens bike If you're too tall for this bike, we'll be very impressed! Our 25-inch frame bike has seated basketball players, or guys just 6'5" with long legs. This frame almost looks too big for its 26-inch wheels, but is just as comfy as the rest. You can have a basket if you want, a kart, or an ally cat--though the angle might be steep! 



Not everyone can fit on the full-size adult bikes, but not all kids need a really small bicycle. For those in-between, we have the 24-inch wheel. With a 15-inch frame and a smaller wheel, the 24 fits people from about 4'7" or 4'8" to 5'2".  It has the diagonal "unisex" bar, and comes with a basket for girls if you like. You can put an ally cat or kart on this bike as well!

20 bike The next size down is the 20-inch bike. The 20 is usually fits kids from ages 7 to 10 or so.  We can put training wheels on it if you need them, and it comes with a basket for the girls. Just like the adult bikes, the 20-inch has pedal brakes and a comfy seat, with wide handlebars. 

16boys bike For your 4 to 7 year old that wants to ride on his or her own, we've got a 16-inch bike that's just the right size. The 16 comes in blue (shown) or pink for girls, with or without training wheels, and like all of the other bikes, has pedal brakes. 

12girls Bike Even the littlest kids can have their own bikes with our 12-inch bike! Fit for a 3 to 4 year old, the 12 has training wheels unless you specify without, and comes in purple (shown) and black for boys.

bmx bike For the would-be trick rider in the family, we rent real BMX bicycles. The BMX bike has a freewheel and hand brake, and is not the same as a 20-inch! This is a bike sized for a teen to adult on a 20-inch wheel. We ask that you please not take the BMX bikes on the beach. 


Looking to do more than just cruise the beaches? We also have 21-speed hybrid bicycles with a road tire and hand brakes, but still a fairly comfortable, upright seating position. The hybrids do not have front suspension, and have a 700cc tire made for street riding. We ask that you do not ride the hybrids on the beach. 

bike Have someone who can't keep their balance on a bike the way they used to or a kid too big for a bike with training wheels? The adult tricycle was made with them in mind. With two wheels in the back to provide stability, the trike is perfect for people who are just a little too unsteady for a two-wheeled bicycle. It also has a hand brake and pedal brake. 

Do you have a 4 to 7 year old that you don't trust on their own? Maybe they're not steady enough to ride without training wheels, or maybe they just can't keep up on long rides. In any case, the AllyCat is the perfect solution. Like a tandem bike, but for a kid, the AllyCat attaches to the back of a regular adult bike, and has a free wheel, so they can pedal or not, depending on their mood. They don't have to balance, brake, or steer, just hang on. 

bike For smaller kids, multiple kids, or just a kid that wants to ride in style, we offer the Burley bicycle trailer. The Burley seats two children, and holds up to 100 pounds. It hooks onto the frame of an adult bike, and is very secure--even if the bike tips over, the Burley stays upright. It has a hard plastic bottom and two five-point harnesses for the kids. We recommend the Burley for children over 11 months old due to its upright seating position.


We offer child seats for no extra charge, mounted on the back of the bikes. The seats hold up to 40 pounds, and have five-point harnesses, foot restraints, a bar, and padded seats. We do not rent the seats separately from the bikes. We recommend the child seats for children over 11 months old due to their upright seating positions.

bike We offer child seats for no extra charge, mounted on the back of the bikes. The seats hold up to 40 pounds, and have five-point harnesses, foot restraints, a bar, and padded seats. We do not rent the seats separately from the bikes. We recommend the child seats for children over 11 months old due to their upright seating positions.


We offer baby joggers for the beach as well. The jogger comes with emergency brakes, and is light and well-balanced for jogging in the sand. 

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